Amazing Features

Below you will see some of the best features of the S-Type Vaporizer

Four Temp Settings

The S-Type Features a Low, Medium, & High Setting for Dry Belnds and one setting for Concentrate Oils.

Ergonomic Design

The S-Type Ergonomic Design is intended to provide optimum comfort and control.

1 Button Operation

With streamlined functionality in mind. the S-Type Vaporizer is built with 1 Click Operation. One Button to operate all functions.

Hybrid Technology

Built with rapid heat-up in mind. The S-Type features a hybrid ceramic core oven. Allowing for heat-up time of under 30 seconds.

High Vapor Density

With the most efficient ceramic oven on the market. The S-Type will produce the best vaporizer user experience.

All Day Vaporizing

With a Dual Cell 7.4v 2600 mAh battery. The S-Type will produce vape for you all day. With a rapid charge system to help get you back to vaping ASAP. (3-6 Hour Run Time)

Why The S-Type is Great!

Combining the vapor quality normally reserved for desktop units with ultimate portability, the new S-Type by SutraVape is designed with an optimal airflow system and custom dual cell power source that produces an enhanced vapor at multiple temperature settings for up to hours of use at a time!

  • Works with Dry & Concentrates
  • Up to Hours of Run Time
  • Rapid Heat-up Time
  • Silent Operation
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Sleek Size (5 inches in length)

About the S-Type Dry Vape

With prevalent features including an advanced smart heating system, ergonomic body style, increased run time and simple operation settings at numerous temperature levels; the S-Type portable vaporizer was designed by vaporizer users for vaporizer users.

Keeping the active vape patron in mind, the S-Type’s shell is constructed out of a heat temperate polycarbonate that will stand the rigors of daily use. A high grade magnet connects the mouthpiece to the base of the device, paving the way for an easy loading option. A built-in auto safety shut off feature is incorporated to maximize battery life while using this superb portable vaporizer at any altitude for hours!

I decided to offer the S-Type to my customers because of all the unique features combined with an attractive price point that make up a quality portable vape.

Mukesh Shrestha
K-Smoke, Seattle - Washington

With an influx of portable vapes on the market, I was impressed by the superior vapor that the S-Type provides at multiple temp levels, while the ability to do both dry blends & concentrates is a necessity for my customer base.

Marc Warsh
Rocky Mountain Pipe Dreams, Denver - Colorado

Excellent product, it is a pleasure to deal with a company that knows how to produce a stellar portable vaporizer.

Steve Anderson
Sunny Co. Vancouver - Washington

Sutra Vape Services

Warranty Info and Social Media Giveaways

Warranty Coverage

Each Sutra Vaporizer product is backed by a full Manufacturer’s Warranty that is restricted towards normal use.

Monthly Giveaways

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24/7 Support

At SutraVaporizer we pride ourselves on creating viable products with excellent customer care. Feel free to contact us 24/7 at or toll free Mon-Fri 9am-6pm PST at 888.827.3101.

Instagram Fan Photos

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The Sutra Vape Concentrate Kit

Built with a sleek design concept, the Sutra Essential Oil Vaporizer conveniently fits inside the palm of your hand or pocket and serves as a perfect companion for those that want the ability to Vaporize a variety of concentrated essential oils at home or on the go!

Each Sutra Essential Oil Vaporizer lithium ion battery is designed to provide long-lasting use on a single charge. At the top of the battery is the power button. A re-engineered stainless steel heating chamber, featuring a wickless ceramic nichrome heater, allows for a hefty amount of your essential oil to be Vaporized at one time.

The Sutra Dry Vaporizer

The Sutra Dry offers the convenience of a pen style vaporizer combined with regulated temperature control of 374 F for the efficient vaporization of dried blends. A stainless steel heating oven holds an ample amount of dried blends, while the rechargeable Li-Ion battery powers the Sutra Dry Vaporizer for hours at a time.

  • Smallest Portable Vaporizer on the Market
  • Easy One Click Operation.
  • Heats Up in under 30 Seconds
  • Comes Available in 4 Colors

Sutra Accessories & Parts

The Sutra Vaporizer Accessory collection features the Sutra grinder series! Both the 4 pc Sutra 50mm & 65 mm grinders are designed for grinding blends to your desired consistency. Each Grinder is CNC machined, crafted from aircraft grade billet aluminum block, anodized for a smooth finish and etched along the sides for easy grip. A Teflon O-ring avoids metal on metal contact when using the 4 pc Sutra 50mm Grinder.

All grinders are available in a wide array of colors. The 4pc interior is divided into three separate compartments: grinder, sifter and container. The 4 pc Sutra Grinder series features razor sharp non-breakable shredding teeth. The sifter has a fine steel mesh screen while the outer shell includes ergonomically sound notches on the top and bottom for easy twisting.

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